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On November 11, KCDOA received a “Last, Best, Final” offer from the County.

The terms of the County LBF offer to KCDOA are:

TERM: 4 years [2009-13].

SALARY: No increase in salary.

MEDICAL: Employees not currently paying for medical would pay 20% of the employee and dependent premiums.

RETIREMENT: Employees not contributing to their retirement would begin contributing 33% of the maximum allowable employee portion (ramping up to 100% over 3 years). Revert to 2 @ 50 retirement tier for new employees.

RE-OPENER: Salary re-opener in years 3 and 4.

PEHP: Post Employment Health Plan (upon retirement, a set portion of an employee’s sick leave balance is converted to cash and set aside to help offset post-employment medical costs).

On Friday December 17th, KCDOA sent a new offer to the County.

The terms of the KCDOA offer to the County are:

TERM: Expires Dec 31, 2011.

CTO CASH OUT: One time per year, employees would be able to cash out up to 50 hours of CTO.

SICK LEAVE NON USE BONUS: Employees not using any sick leave per calendar quarter would receive $150.

PEHP: Same as above.

MEDICAL: Employees not currently paying for medical would pay 7.5% of the premium.

RETIREMENT: Employees not currently contributing would begin paying 1% of their salary toward their retirement.

Saturday, December 18, 2010