County negotiators have rejected the most recent KCDOA contract counter offer and have declared an impasse in the contract talks. For the last several months, the County has continued to reiterate their terms as they have refused to move from their last best final offer of November 2010.

The most recent KCDOA offer included the following item/concessions:

TERM: Expires Dec 31, 2013.

CTO CASH OUT: One time per year, employees would be able to cash out up to 50 hours of CTO.

PEHP: Post Employment Health Plan (upon retirement, a set portion of an employee’s sick leave balance is converted to cash and set aside to help offset post-employment medical costs).

MEDICAL: Employees not currently paying for medical would pay 10% of the premium.

RETIREMENT: Employees not currently contributing would begin paying 33% of the employee portion.

The County CAO’s office will be asking the Board of Supervisors to officially declare impasse in our negotiations next Tuesday, February 1, 2011. KCDOA legal counsel has formally notified the County that KCDOA does not agree that the parties are at impasse and that continued negotiations would be productive.

Update [JAN 30 2011]

The County has rescheduled their safety association impasse declarations to February 15, 2011. The reason given for the move is that the Board of Supervisors will be down at least one Supervisor on the February 1st and 8th meetings.


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