The Kern County Detention Officers Association is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 NAMIWALKS. The 5K WALK will be held Saturday, October 18, 2014 at The Park and River Walk; Stockdale Hwy and Buena Vista Rd.

The goal of the WALK is to raise both awareness and funding to erase the barriers that prevent families from accessing care.

The proceeds from the WALK will be used by NAMI locally to:

-Provide support and education for persons with serious mental illness and their families

-Provide education and support to those suffering from PTSD in our Frontline Program.

-Advocate for nondiscriminatory and equitable policies everywhere.

-Advocate for improved opportunities for housing, rehabilitation and meaningful jobs.

-Support public education programs designed to help eliminate the pervasive stigma surrounding severe mental illness

KCDOA members are encouraged to attend and help NAMI change the world substantially for the better, by helping those in your community who are struggling with major mental illness.

Please make arrangements to participate in the 2014 NAMIWALKS!

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