KCDOA has filed a second grievance on behalf of the collective membership when it was discovered that employees working 12 hour shifts may have been compensated incorrectly for the recent holidays. The initial response from the department has confirmed that payroll may have overcompensated some people while under compensating others. The issue has now been referred to the CAO’s office for additional research and investigation. Your Board of Directors would like all members to be aware that a preliminary possible resolution may have some squads 1 and 3 members receiving additional holiday pay while some squads 2 and 4 members may have to reimburse the County for overpayment. We will post more information as it becomes available, but we wanted everyone to be aware of the likely outcome as soon as possible. We understand that some people may be unhappy with this decision, but the KCDOA Board of Directors is compelled to ensure that our MOU is being properly adhered to by all parties.

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