Kern County Detention Officers Association Donation & Sponsorship Eligibility, Guidelines, & Application.

The Kern County Detention Officers Association receives numerous requests for donations and sponsorships annually. To best meet these requests, guidelines detailing eligibility have been established. Please ensure that any requests meet the following criteria.


 The Kern County Detention Officers Association is committed to actively supporting our members in the communities in which they live and work. It is the hope of the Kern County Detention Officers Association Board of Directors that our members desire to positively represent themselves and KCDOA.


 In order to be considered for funding, requests should fall under one of the following primary areas of focus:

 •Community Events (That benefit the community)

 •Member Sponsorships (Members participating in events)

 •Donations (charitable events)

 Requests should be:

 •Relevant to the Kern County Detention Officers Association Membership

•Fulfill a recognized need and/or benefit the community at large

 KCDOA shall received some type of recognition from the donation/sponsorship in the community (sign, name on t-shirts…)

 The KCDOA Board of Directors may not consider funding any request for the following:

 •Anything that requires ongoing or continued operating , or administrative costs

•Any group that represents a conflict of interest for KCDOA

•The promotion of religious beliefs

•Individual or non member participation in a sports activity (unless a single person sport)


These guidelines will not cover every possibility, special need, or opportunity. All donation/sponsorship requests are evaluated on an individual basis by the KCDOA Board of Directors, who retain full discretion in these matters.

 How to Apply

 All requests for sponsorship/donation funding should be on this application.

 Applications should be made 60 days in advance of funding to be eligible for consideration.

Completed applications can be submitted:

 •By mail:

Kern County Detention Officers Association
Attn: Sponsorship Committee
PO Box 81534
Bakersfield CA 93380

 •In person to any KCDOA Board member.

 •By email to: board@kcdoa.org

 At the next general board meeting, the request will be evaluated based on the information provided. It is important that the application is clear and concise, notes the reason for the request, how the funds will be used, and any benefits to the Kern County Detention Officers Association. Kern County Detention Officers Association may ask for exposure or coverage in return for sponsorship. Examples include, but are not limited to:

 •Inclusion in applicable publicity opportunity

•KCDOA logo on applicable printed material

•Verbal acknowledgement of KCDOA at applicable function

•Kern County Detention Officers Association representation at applicable event

•Kern County Detention Officers Association banner to be displayed at applicable event

 Upon approval or denial of the request, a response indicating the Board’s decision (and approved funds if applicable) will typically occur within one week. The decision of the board is final.


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